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About Us


Michael Anderson


Michael has developed two simulations for DARPA contracts. An IT Manager and former art director, he is responsible for most of the photography and layout for OSS’s recent releases. He has designed a dozen board and card games. He is also relentlessly evil.

Favorite Games: Dune, Air Force/Dauntless, Poker
Embarrassing Favorite: Star Fleet Battles



Carmen Andres


Carmen is a writer, editor and graphic designer who watches an insane amount of television and movies. In another universe, she hopes her counterpart doesn’t wear a red shirt, takes a cat on deep space voyages, and keeps an eye out for blue police call boxes. She’s married to a gamer and they’re living happily ever after with their two kids just outside of Mirkwood (also known as Washington, DC).

Favorite games: Chronology, Scene It?, Asheron’s Call, Lord of the Rings Online
Embarrassing favorite: Saboteur Card Game



Jennifer Cone

Jennifer C.

Jennifer is an over-educated graphic designer. When not doing work for OSS Games, she is toiling away in the graphics and marketing department of a giant multinational corporation. She lives in the model home from “Arrested Development” with her teenaged son and a slightly insane dog. In the inevitable OSS biopic, she will be portrayed by Dwight Schultz, because Mike said so.

Favorite Games: Changeling: The Lost, Vampire: the Masquerade, Cards Against Humanity
Embarrassing Favorite: Star Wars Trivial Pursuit



Joseph Miranda


Joseph is the editor of Strategy & Tactics, the leading wargame simulation magazine. He has 100 or so published games to his credit, as well as being chief designer for two DARPA/USAF projects. He has also contributed to several projects for Red Storm and Talonsoft. He does not watch television and in his spare time he is a cyberpunk.

Favorite Games: Dune, U.S.N., Renaissance of Infantry
Embarrassing Favorite: Chicago, Chicago


Jennifer O’Neal

Jennifer O’Neal

Jennifer still has not decided what she wants to be when she grows up. She may never figure that out, but she hopes someday to finish the YA post-apocalyptic road trip cycle she’s been working on for eight years—or at least to take the trans-global journey she’s put the characters through (whether the apocalypse comes or not). The one thing she’s sure of is that William Bell wasn’t wrong.

Favorite Games: Cribbage, Farkle
Embarrassing Favorite: ? (I’m not embarrassed about the things I like)



Tim Tow


Tim is a polymathic gamer and has forgotten more game rules than he remembers. He is convinced that humans are not the only sapient creatures on this planet; they just currently have the best thumbs.

Favorite Games: Twilight Struggle, For the People, Carcassone
Embarrassing Favorite: Love Letter



Kara Fetterhoff


Kara is another tech guru in an organization filled with tech gurus. She splits her gaming time between computer and real-world options. She admits that she once worked as a nightclub DJ.

Favorite Games: Chess, Shadowrun, Skyrim
Embarrassing Favorite: Game of Thrones Ascent



Laura Holton


Laura is a gamer, masseuse, and a person who needs to complete her bio before we steal her ice cream.

Favorite Games:
Embarrassing Favorite: