About Us

One Small Step is a small game company. We rely on our members' respective generosity and sense of duty to prosecute our entrepreneurial objectives. Here are photos and bios of some of our finest.

Mike is an I.T. Manager. He has developed two simulations for DARPA contracts. A former art director, he is responsible for most of the photography and layout for OSS's recent releases. He has designed a dozen board and card games. He is also relentlessly evil.

Favorite Games: Dune, Air Force/Dauntless, Poker
Embarassing Favorite: Star Fleet Battles

Joseph is the editor of Strategy & Tactics, the leading wargame simulation magazine. He has 100 or so published games to his credit, as well as being chief designer for two DARPA/USAF projects. He has also contributed to several projects for Red Storm and Talonsoft. He does not watch television and in his spare time he is a cyberpunk.

Favorite Games: Dune, U.S.N., Renaissance of Infantry
Embarassing Favorite: Chicago, Chicago

if you have to think ... you haven't been Zenned!