Issue 1 of Ares Magazine


Since the 1960's, science fiction and fantasy have been my two favorite literary genres. Repeated experience has lead me to not expect the best in a gaming magazine. I was pleasantly surprised that all the stories are well written. I will google for other works of the writers.
The game had two minor defects. First, seven of the counters had split, front from back. NOT a problem to quickly glue them together, and also the company immediately offered a counter set that had no such problem. Second, the Combat Results Table expressed most of its results in ME, MR, EE, and ER (Martian or Earthling retreated or eliminated) even though they should be defender or attacker retreated or eliminated. This is conceptually easy to correct in practice.
It is, however, an excellent game: quick to play, full of variations (all of which I have tried work fine), and easy to learn, but requiring intelligence and subtlety to do well. The solitaire version works similarly well, which is in my experience unusual.
Marvant Duhon mduhon@bluemarble.net
Date Added: 08/03/2014 by Marvant Duhon