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NOTE: Issue 2 Now Available

Torah Cottrill's Casualties of War
Dusty Wallace's Shaundra The Watcher
Davian Aw's Last Thursday
Erik Bundy's The Gordian Gnarl of Greed
Jonathan Balog's The Secret Life of the Goldleaf Hotel
Jack Wolcott's, Red Death
And the next installment of Kenneth Steven's, The Fall

Interview with Dino Andrade, professional voice actor and driving force behind SoulGeek.com

The science behind the construction and utility of space elevators, and why they are so much better than space escalators.

Issue #2 will include Invasive Species,a two-player game that takes place onboard a frigate-class starship called the CFS Quicksilver in the not-too-distant future. One player controls the actions of the human crew while the other controls an alien infestation. The object behind the design is to create a high-tension (scary) game to play.

CFS Quicksilver is a Terran Commonwealth scout corvette on an exploration mission. During a routine close survey of an unexplored garden planet, the crew is attacked by ferocious local fauna. Some crewmembers are killed before the survivors make it back to the ship and boost into orbit.

One player controls the human crew of the Quicksilver and the other player controls an alien predator loose aboard the ship. The game is played in a series of turns, each composed of activity taken by the human crewmembers and the alien.

The game contains a rule booklet (download here), counter sheet, and playing surface.

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