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Issue contents:
Analysis of Breaking the Chains by Jon Compton
The Bloody Angle Examined – Why Did it Fail? by Andy Nunez
At Neuve Chapelle: France, March 1915; An Examination by Tom Cundiff
Obscure Battles of the American Civil War: Designer's Notes and AAR of Huzzah! by Richard Dengel
Wargaming by the Rules of War by Vince Blackburn

Issue game is Mule Shoe Salient at Spotsylvania Courthouse, part of the Bloody Angle by designer Richard Dengel. 11x17 map, 140 die-cut counters, 12 page rulebook.

May 10th, 1864. A solid month of fighting found Grant no closer to the destruction of Lee's army than when his offensive started. Indeed, his losses exceeded Lee's by nearly two thirds. After escaping disaster in the Wilderness (when arguably only the wounding of Confederate General James Longstreet salvaged a stalemate from sure defeat), Grant now found himself grinding his army against the deadly abrasive of Rebel entrenchments.

Desperate for a clean, quick solution, Grant listened attentively to the notions of a brash 24 year old Colonel named Emory Upton. Attack on a narrow front, Upton maintained, and do not pause to fire. The condensed mass, several lines deep, would simply ram its way across the parapets. The first line, after making initial penetration would then fan left and right, widening the breach. The succeeding lines would drive straight ahead, deepening the plunge. A reserve would then arrive, to stem the sure gray counterattack.

Game includes:
11x17 map
140 die-cut counters
12 page rulebook.

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